Dr. John K. Pattison-Williams



Doctor of Philosophy, Natural Resource Management (2017)
Natural Resources Institute (NRI)
University of Greenwich

Master of Science, Agricultural and Natural Resource Economics (2009)
Department of Resource Economics and Environmental Sociology
University of Alberta

Bachelor of Science, Environmental Science (2006)
Augustana Faculty
University of Alberta


  • Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, London, United Kingdom
  • Member of the Alberta Institute of Agrologists
  • Establishment and president of an independent natural resource consulting enterprise with proven success with government, private sector and non-government contracts in Canada and United Kingdom.
  • Postdoctoral Fellow at the University of Alberta researching the social impacts of Chronic Wasting Disease (CWD) in western Canada.
  • Consultant for the Responsible, Accountable, Transparent Enterprise (RATE) initiative of the UK government, designed to assist multinational and local businesses manage their social and environmental impacts.
  • Doctoral dissertation on poverty traps in India, pioneering in econometric modeling techniques.
  • Director of the Biodiversity Research Grants Program of the Alberta Conservation Association.
  • Project Manager of a 4.9 million dollar collaborative international development project in India.
  • Steering committee member of Canadian forum on enhancing leadership in food safety consisting of the top one hundred government, industry and academia players in Canadian food safety.
  • Experience teaching undergraduate courses in resource and development economics, conservation science, and outdoor education; positive student and peer teaching reviews.
  • Interdisciplinary experience in Canadian wetland conservation and research: partnering, presenting and publishing record with academic, conservation, industry and government stakeholders.
  • International development officer promoting environmental awareness and reviewing aid projects in Uganda. Responsible for a water filtration project employing up to 10 Ugandans and personally establishing a support option for up to 400 HIV/AIDS widows.
  • Graduate research in the field of non-market wetland valuation; pioneering in terms of survey design and public policy implications.
  • President of both undergraduate and graduate student associations.
  • Excellent communication skills: lecturing, presenting, external conference speaking and committee chairing.
  • Strong analytical skills in survey design and economic research methodology, pertaining in particular to environmental issues.
  • Excellent team building and leadership abilities: inspire and maintain high participant engagement within teams, diplomatic problem solver.